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The GIS program that simulates habitats,
integrating high quality imagery and analytical tools.



simulationThe Pelagic Habitat Analysis Module (PHAM) is a set of software tools designed to assist fishery managers, scientists, and researchers.


PHAM resides within the Environmental Analysis System (EASy) Geographical Information System (GIS) developed by System Science Applications, Inc. specifically for marine applications.

PHAM is being developed under a NASA grant which is funded until 2012, so work is only partially complete. However, we have had such an extraordinary response so far that we decided to make a version available to the scientific community as soon as possible.

PHAM Lite is this stripped down and simplified version. It has been designed to allow users to begin using the most important capabilities of PHAM without the hassles inherent in software still under development. As additional capabilities are fully developed, tested, and documented we will add them to PHAM Lite and release updated versions. In this way we can give fisheries managers and scientists useful tools while we are still busy developing even more capabilities.

With PHAM Lite you can:

Downloading a Free Copy

To download a free copy of PHAM for use with your research, click on the Download Program tab and follow the instructions.

Free Updates with Expanded Functionality

You can also become a registered member of the PHAM Users Group.
In the near future, additional features such as Statistical Analyisis Tools will be made available to members.